Virtual Business Copilot




Why Virtual Business Copilot?

Never Worked On Making Your Business Visible Online

You are old school and you've never had an online presence up until now or you've started an online presence and never kept it up.

Free Your Time

If you're a busy small business owner or a small organization manager, you know how to run things, but don't have the time to learn how or start and manage digital media or create publications.

Not Ready To Hire Full-Time Professional Staff

You NEED someone to help you with the following functions: research, marketing, branding, communications, public relations, networking with industry and other industries, and other tasks you’ve tried to handle on your own, but don’t have the budget to hire and pay a salaried staff member with benefits.

Want To Work With Someone Who Understands Where You Are Coming From

You want someone else to navigate branding, marketing, communications, and want to work with someone who understands you and to help usher you into the digital age.